All the things you love SO much; Financial Domination, fetishwear, glove fetish, fireplay & latexfetish! Indulge your glove fetish, watch My hands wrapped in shiny latex gloves SO close to your face as I layer on more and more shine. Indulge your fetish for fireplay, I light the match and let it burn down to My fingertips. A nice slow burn. There are few things as dangerous as fire. Financial Domination is the fire of fetishes. Dangerous, Exciting, Sexy. This clip will leave you weak. you are ready to give it all to Me. 640 x 480   

My Moth!
I love to sissify the occasional male.  Recently I added a new little sissy boi to My stable.  Thus far he has been a VERY willing participant.  Forced Femme can be fun but there is something to seeing a grown male getting excited over the arrival of his new make-up.  I am not only pleased with his progress, albeit early in the game, I am quite pleased with the gifts & tributes little Jasmine has lavished upon Me. :-) I am looking forward to a BUNCH of Urban Outfitters goodies & a cash delivery this weekend. Oh & I am really looking forward to O/our session this weekend; There will be champagne, strawberries & a make-up lesson given by Yours truely.  I plan to record the make-up application session for Jasmine to review later. I will probably list it for sale in My studio stores as well.  I will also be showing little Jasmine just how practice makes perfect with her dildo. ;-)

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