Happy Thanksgiving! NEW Jack Off Instruction Clip!

I am SO thankful for My pets who work each and every day to please Me. I’ve decided to reward you with a jack off instruction clip! you lucky little cheese puffs!

16+ Minutes- This clip combines lots of different elements; JOI jack off instruction, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FemDom POV. Show Me how thankful you are this Holiday season, enjoy JOI My way!


Happy Happy Turkey Day!

Here’s a Tip.


Being a slave to your dick is not submission.  It is the same ol’ selfish wanker BS that has gotten you nowhere. 

you want to stay in nowhere land? Keep it up.

Are you ready to know your submissive self?

My Rules & sub/slave University will help you.  They contain information that will prepare you to contact Me in a way which will please Me and present you in the best possible light.