Southern Decadence 2011

Red Heels

If you are or long to be out and proud then chances are you have at least heard of the Southern Decadence Festival. The party that started in 1972 has grown from a group of friends dressing up as their favorite decadent southern characters, parading and partying until the wee hours of Labor Day morning has gromn into a spectacular event that draws some 110,000 people, mostly gay and lesbian, and contributes almost $125 million dollars to the tourist industry.

I am sure most of you have heard of Tropical Depression 13 by now. I am sitting here in My big beautiful New Orleans home listening to it pour outside with a glass of malbec in My pretty little hand. ;-) In My opinion the Tropical Depression is both good and bad. On the up side that “unreachable” marsh fire that has been buring for days, leaving a nasty funk in the air, is no longer an issue. The downside, this weekend is Southern Decadence. I have been in the Quarter, people watching a few times this weekend and the crowd is not what I had expected. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I support gay and lesbian rights. I do not consider Myself bi-sexual though I have been in a few relationships, long term committed relationships not flings, with Women. I would like to make it out to some of the drag shows this weekend, any excuse to dress like a drag queen is good enough for Me. This rain needs to go away long enough that W/we can all get out and enjoy this party! *shakes fist at sky*

I love being here in New Orleans. So much so that when I am away for more than a few weeks I get so terribly home sick that I know I am no fun to be around. I am in love with the music, the sunshine, the people, the food, the culture. I feel an undertow when I leave. It is like the city is calling to Me, beckoning Me to come home. Home it is and home it shall be.

This post is different than the others.  Enjoy this rare glimpse into My life.

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