Three & One Half Inches SPH

Verbally humiliating you. Mocking you. your marriage. your dick. Is that a dick? Using My magnifying glass to get a good look at that three & one half inch thing.  Funny, 3 and 1/2 inches is about that size of a credit card; the only thing in your pants I find interesting.

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A quick update from your Goddess

It has been months since My last real update, 3 to be exact. I have been busy, living life, having fun, traveling.  Although I haven’t made time to blog, I have been available for cam sessions. When I have been around, business has been good but you know Me, I always want more :-) I expect the regular tributes I receive from you boys. Because you sacrifice your cash, cum & time for Me I am able to live a relatively care free, comfortable life.

I have such a long list of video ideas, assignment ideas, mp3 ideas and about a million other things I want to accomplish, literally years worth.  I work on the list as time allows. Of course I have a personal life, a job, art, friends- the list goes on & on.  The more you sacrifice for Me, the less time I spend taking cam sessions & the more time I devote to the list! The list is full of fun things for you to collect, obsess & wank over.  So fun! These videos, assignments & mp3’s are meant to keep those idle hands of yours busy working for Me.

A treat for you, some vacation photos:


Clip Update!

My amazing mile long legs & knee high socks, So Sexy! I see you as you are. I see your weaknesses & exploit them for My benefit. Obsess over My legs, socks & most of all My words. So very true. you cannot resist. I’m going to take it all, make a nice big pile of your cash & park My perfect ass right on top! A pile of your (My) cash under My ass is as close as you are ever going to get! 640 x 480

Money Pile!


All the things you love SO much; Financial Domination, fetishwear, glove fetish, fireplay & latexfetish! Indulge your glove fetish, watch My hands wrapped in shiny latex gloves SO close to your face as I layer on more and more shine. Indulge your fetish for fireplay, I light the match and let it burn down to My fingertips. A nice slow burn. There are few things as dangerous as fire. Financial Domination is the fire of fetishes. Dangerous, Exciting, Sexy. This clip will leave you weak. you are ready to give it all to Me. 640 x 480   

My Moth!
I love to sissify the occasional male.  Recently I added a new little sissy boi to My stable.  Thus far he has been a VERY willing participant.  Forced Femme can be fun but there is something to seeing a grown male getting excited over the arrival of his new make-up.  I am not only pleased with his progress, albeit early in the game, I am quite pleased with the gifts & tributes little Jasmine has lavished upon Me. :-) I am looking forward to a BUNCH of Urban Outfitters goodies & a cash delivery this weekend. Oh & I am really looking forward to O/our session this weekend; There will be champagne, strawberries & a make-up lesson given by Yours truely.  I plan to record the make-up application session for Jasmine to review later. I will probably list it for sale in My studio stores as well.  I will also be showing little Jasmine just how practice makes perfect with her dildo. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving! NEW Jack Off Instruction Clip!

I am SO thankful for My pets who work each and every day to please Me. I’ve decided to reward you with a jack off instruction clip! you lucky little cheese puffs!

16+ Minutes- This clip combines lots of different elements; JOI jack off instruction, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FemDom POV. Show Me how thankful you are this Holiday season, enjoy JOI My way!


Happy Happy Turkey Day!

NEW Clips!

This is a totally hot thigh high boot worship/boot domination clip. My long curvy legs wrapped in shiny, thigh high, patent leather boots with perfectly pointed toes & cold metal heel tips.  Indulge your glove fetish, watch as My hands clad in leather gloves glide over shiny boots. Listen as I taunt & tease you little loser.

These Boots

This clip combines two of My favorite thing-My beautiful feet & money!  I am the Financial Domme of your dreams. Leaving you ignored, sitting waiting, praying that I will give you some shred of My attention. All the while My sexy little bare feet are in your loser face! you wait patiently on your knees, at My feet as I watch a popular TV show & paint My nails.  I acknowledge you as the wallet that you are, paying attention to you just long enough to take your credit cards & charge what I want. Be My money slave. My Financial slave. you love being there with My beautiful feet soooooo close to your face, so turned on, dripping with anticipation. This is your chance!