Mistress Alice: Ignore & Edge

Ignore & Edge fetish clips

Oh hi there. Did you miss Me? Worship My soft, slippery Vaseline coated feet, My perfect tapered toes. I ignore you a bit, sliding My perfect little feet together. you are My weak foot boy. I speak to you more as the video goes on; putting thoughts of sliding your cock between My feet in your weak foot boy mind. I instruct you to edge and finally provide you with release.

Sexy Pantyhose Layering Tease!

Pantyhose Layering Tease fetish clips

I’m back! It has been ages since I made a new clip. I was feeling inspired after a session with a fellow pantyhose fetishist and decided to make this clip. Watch as I layer Givenchy Gleamers & blach Wolford Fatal over My Calvin Klein hose. Listen to My voice as I describe the feel of layered hose. I tease you with My legs, heels & perfect feet. This is a leg, foot and pantyhose fetishist dream.  I was in a really playful mood when I filmed this clip. 720p wmv format

Happy Anniversary Jasmine

My how time flies. It was just over a year ago that I first posted about Jasmine.  Remember this?

How could one forget? This was her very first attempt at make-up.  After 12 months of perfect online servitude, she has REALLY come a long way.  I speak not of just appearance, I speak of the mental transformation as well.  she has embraced My guidance, experience and advice.  Ready to see the new improved Jasmine?

Ta Dah! Much better, if I do say so Myself. Since Jasmine has been such a good little girl for 12 whole months, she has earned the privilege of meeting Me in person. W/we have yet to decide if I will travel to see her or if she will come here to see Me. Stay tuned for that :-)

Three & One Half Inches SPH

Verbally humiliating you. Mocking you. your marriage. your dick. Is that a dick? Using My magnifying glass to get a good look at that three & one half inch thing.  Funny, 3 and 1/2 inches is about that size of a credit card; the only thing in your pants I find interesting.

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Vacation Videos

A treat for you, peek into My personal life by adding these two videos to your collection:

Watch as I take long drags from My super sexy, all white Capri. I am loving every minute of vacation, especially seeing clip sales & tribs. A sneak peek at My private life. Rare indeed

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 My perfectly sexy little feet & tapered toes, the sunshine, the open road. Be a fly in the car for My latest road trip. Watch as My feet & toes curl & flex in the sunshine, listen to Mister Wonderful & I crack jokes, I sing along with My iPod, Watch, worship & drool as We enjoy the open road.

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Hypnotic Candy Apple Red Lips

By request, a lipstick fetish clip where I do NOT smoke. :-) So silky, so shiny, so red. My perfect pin-up pout slicked in My signature red lipstick & lip venom gloss. Watch as I slick on coat after coat. I lick My lips, pucker & pout while you watch. Beautiful natural light, My perfect pale skin, cleavage and sparkly pink finger nail polish. I love making these. Just added MORE lipstick to My wish list ;-) Client Review: “The video of You applying b lood red, glistening lipstick to Your gorgeous mouth is and enthralling! Female vampire fetishists, beware!”

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My First Balloon Fetish Video

I had so much fun making this video! Maybe even too much ;-) It has been ages since I have played with balloons, except for the occasional summer water balloon fight.  This was different.  Dressed in super sexy, shiny metallic leggings, zombie hands t-shirt and knee high black patent leather boots, I blow up many polka dotted balloons. I pop them all, pink, purple, green, yellow & blue different ways.  I crush them with My boots, squeeze them with My thighs & tease them with My sweet lil pink pin until *POP*. Time to stock up on more balloons & think up more creative ways to play with them.

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What is it?!

A lovely review of My humiliation clip titled “What is it?!”

“It is really intense- Your so very beautiful face, mocking demeanor and merciless words- and Your lilting voice, have an archetypal effect- because in every school boy’s memory is an older girl that we craved a second’s worth of attention from- she was beautiful and haughty like You, and we felt weak when we found ourselves near her in the hall or on the playground. She knew her effect on boys. Our transparent attempts to foster her attention were not met with welcome, as we at first had naively hoped.. So with dashed hopes, we chose to instead seek her scorn which was readily supplied. Many a budding masochist and secret submissive was born that way. I’m a mature alpha male, an accomplished man who has enjoyed the love of many beautiful women, but the femme fatale raised eyebrow, and knowing gaze that perceives my weakness, can still make me lower my eyes and tremble inside. You are that woman in spades!”

This is proof positive that you belong at My feet. What’s next for you? Add “What is it?!” to your collection. Then send a NiteFlirt tribute. NiteFlirt’s not your style? Contact Me directly. I’ll instruct you how to put tribute in My perfect pale little hand.

This one is different than what you have seen before. A new verbal humiliation video just for you! I bring a little light to you dark world. Joi, (forced) masturbation instruction, humiliation, cum eating, penis humiliation, sph, cum eating all the abuse humiliation you dream of. Watch as My beautiful black eyes take on a bright shade of green. My shiny teak rose lips mock you, tease you, remind you of your place. My creamy white cleavage serves as a reminder of how inadequate you are.

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Brat Girl Fetish?

Whoever said “there are no stupid questions” obviously never moonlighted as a ProDomme!  you boys ask the stupidest questions! What would I do with/to your dick? Pft! That measly thing? This clip is devoted to a list of humiliating, gross & painful things I would do to/with your dick. Oh, I shouldn’t have to mention how fucking HOT I look in the clip but what the hell: I look fantastic! Bright blue dress, PERFECT skin, My signature red lips all in perfect lighting.

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I look so hot blowing smoke from My Capri 120 in your face, teasing you with My long ash. There you are, waiting like the good little object that you are, for Me to allow you to inhale My thick, white smoke. My perfect pale skin, big black eyes & sexy red pout keep you coming back for more.

fetish clips

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A quick update from your Goddess

It has been months since My last real update, 3 to be exact. I have been busy, living life, having fun, traveling.  Although I haven’t made time to blog, I have been available for cam sessions. When I have been around, business has been good but you know Me, I always want more :-) I expect the regular tributes I receive from you boys. Because you sacrifice your cash, cum & time for Me I am able to live a relatively care free, comfortable life.

I have such a long list of video ideas, assignment ideas, mp3 ideas and about a million other things I want to accomplish, literally years worth.  I work on the list as time allows. Of course I have a personal life, a job, art, friends- the list goes on & on.  The more you sacrifice for Me, the less time I spend taking cam sessions & the more time I devote to the list! The list is full of fun things for you to collect, obsess & wank over.  So fun! These videos, assignments & mp3’s are meant to keep those idle hands of yours busy working for Me.

A treat for you, some vacation photos: