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Q: Do you accept GiftCards (Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Etc) as payment for session?

A: No. Don’t get Me wrong, I love gifts & tokens of appreciation. In fact, I appreciate those who send something from My wishlist to show Me they are sincere in serving Me.  At the moment, My preferred form of payment for session is NiteFlirt.

Q: Will You use me for online shopping trips?

A: This is something I prefer to do with those I have session-ed with before as I have had boys cancel orders in the past. I require that you pay for My time, the current rate is $100 per hour (+30% through NiteFlirt) in addition to whatever shopping W/we have agreed upon in advance.

Q: Can i give You my credit card information?

A: No.

Q: Do You use Team Viewer?

A: No.

Q: Should i ask Your permission before sending You tribute?

A: No. Send tribute here.

Q: Do You offer R/T sessions other than shopping sessions?

A: Currently I am not accepting new R/T slaves/subs, unless under very special circumstances.

I am ONLY accepting NEW slaves/subs for phone, online & FinDom sessions. Please see the About Me page for more information regarding the types of phone/online sessions that interest Me.  If you are interested in session, contact Me via NiteFlirt.