Perfect Weekend

Another perfect weekend filled with friends, art, wine & great food.  Back to business as usual.  Although, My “usual” is different than most, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Using and abusing silly little boys like you for My amusement and financial gain, pleases Me.  My fabulous life as paid for by you! Ha!  I spend very little time online nowadays.  I expect you to make deposits to My account regularly.  Nothing pleases Me more than seeing an inbox full of your hard earned ca$h.  I suggest that if you are interested in session with Me, you take the time to schedule in advance by messaging Me on NiteFlirt.  My time is far to valuable to spend in “free chat” waiting for you bitches to man up and spend.  I will be available in “free chat” rooms when I please and ONLY if I am amused, entertained and most of all making $$$. Those who are too scared or nervous to have session with Me, should worship from afar; purchase clips, and send tributes.  I know that you want and need to serve Me.  Prove it. Talk is cheap.

I plan to lower My NiteFlirt rates for a bit today, be ready.  The only way to stand out from the crowd is to read and follow My instructions.

My Rules: Buy from Mistress Alice through

Start your Servitude Here: Buy from Mistress Alice through

Slave Application: Buy from Mistress Alice through


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