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Stocking Obsession fetish clips

I am your Mistress. you are the teased, tempted and most importantly- IGNORED stocking addict. Watch as I smooth vintage FF stockings OVER shiny pantyhose, drool over My long legs & perfect ass.

Three & One Half Inches fetish clips

Verbally Humiliating you. Mocking you. your marriage. your dick. Is that a dick? Using My magnifying glass to get a good look at that three & one half inch thing.

Reinforced Toe Pantyhose Worship fetish clips

A pantyhose fetishist dream! Reinforced toe, control top hose on My amazing, long, ballerina legs, sexy tapered toes & oh so high arches. I love pantyhose. This fetish runs deep for Me. I remember My first pair, how soft, sheer & silky they were. I loved rubbing My legs together in them then just as much as I do now. I wear My hose with or without panties, sometimes a thong under them & boy shorts or satin full back panties on top. Using My love of pantyhose to make you weak turns Me on. Black, navy, nude, mocha, reinforced toe, sheer to waist, control top, shiny, matte; I love them all.

Lace My Boots fetish clips

you love seeing Me looking strong, sexy and Dominant in My boots. you long to serve as My boot slave. The thought of lacing them up My perfect long legs drives you wild. I know. Watch & learn. I show you how to lace My super sexy red Wonder Woman boots. I tease you a bit about being pathetic in more ways than one. Mostly, I tease you with My shiny, red, knee high boots & their slender 6in heel.

Candy Apple Lips & Smoking fetish clips

So silky, so shiny, so red. My perfect pin-up pout slicked in red lipstick & lip venom gloss. Watch as I slick on coat after coat and smoke puff after puff of My Capri 120. I lick My lips, pucker & pout while you watch.

Balloon Fun fetish clips

I had so much fun making this video! Maybe even too much ;-) It has been ages since I have played with balloons, except for the occasional summer water balloon fight. This was different. Dressed in super sexy, shiny metallic leggings, zombie hands t-shirt and knee high black patent leather boots, I blow up many polka dotted balloons. I pop them all, pink, purple, green, yellow & blue different ways. I crush them with My boots, squeeze them with My thighs & tease them with My sweet lil pink pin until *POP*. Time to stock up on more balloons & think up more creative ways to play with them.

Pantyhose Layering Tease

fetish clips

I’ve quit smoking! Well, I have replaced one vice with another ;-) In this clip, I chat about quitting smoking, how much better vaping tastes, how you can gobble up those big clouds I blow in your face. My old Hollywood glamour; perfectly pale skin, bright red lips, cat eye glasses and long dark hair make you weak.

Pantyhose Layering Tease fetish clips

I’m back! It has been ages since I made a new clip. I was feeling inspired after a session with a fellow pantyhose fetishist and decided to make this clip. Watch as I layer Givenchy Gleamers & Wolford Fatal over My Calvin Klein hose. Listen to My voice as I describe the feel of layered hose. I tease you with My legs, heels & perfect feet. I was in a really playful mood when I filmed this clip.

Hypnotic Candy Apple Lips fetish clips By request, a lipstick fetish clip where I do NOT smoke. :-) So silky, so shiny, so red. My perfect pin-up pout slicked in My signature red lipstick & lip venom gloss. Watch as I slick on coat after coat. I lick My lips, pucker & pout while you watch. Beautiful natural light, My perfect pale skin, cleavage and sparkly pink finger nail polish. I love making these.

Client Review: The video of You applying b lood red, glistening lipstick to Your gorgeous mouth is  and enthralling! Female vampire fetishists, beware!

your dick: a distraction fetish clips you boys ask the stupidest questions! What would I do with/to your dick? Pft! That measly thing? This clip is devoted to a list of humiliating, gross & painful things I would do to/with your dick. Oh, I shouldn’t have to mention how fucking HOT I look in the clip but what the hell: I look fantastic! Bright blue dress, PERFECT skin, My signature red lips all in perfect lighting.

Weak for Pantyhose fetish clips I am your Mistress. you are a male so weak for Me in pantyhose that you are reduced to mush when I appear on your screen. Watch My long porcelain legs & perfect feet as they move hypnotically in front of you. I tease you for being so weak, so easy. Mine are the sexiest pantyhose clad legs, feet & ass.

Sensual Domination: Rose Petals at My Feet fetish clips I am the Perfect Painted Pin-up of your dreams in this Sensual Domination clip. My lover bought Me beautiful red roses. The petals are soft, smooth & cool to the touch. My bright red finger & toe nails match the petals perfectly. I rub the velvety petals over My legs & perfect size 6 1/2 feet. I pile the petals up and play in them; picking them up with My toes, slid them around the floor, point My toes & show off My very wrinkly pink soles. 6+ Minutes WMV Format

Cigar Smoking: Boss Bitch fetish clips I am your Goddess, lounging with My royal feet up as I smoke a big fat cigar. My long curvy legs & bare feet are right in your face. Listen to My soft, sexy voice playfully tease you, reminding you that I am your Boss. I wiggle, spread & point My toes while puffing away dressed in a beautiful vintage silk dress. This is My Old Hollywood beauty at its best.

Smoke and Chat fetish clips Having a smoke & chatting to you about My birthday, Black List & how to be a good boy for Me. My perfect porcelain skin, full cleavage & dark eyes make you weak.

Big Blue Ball fetish clips For My Birthday I received a new balance ball! I am so excited to start My new morning work out routine! While I was inflating the balance ball, I thought “this would make a killer clip.” So, I turned on the webcam & made a fun clip of My jerking off the pump, laughing, teasing you & finally bouncing on My big blue ball!

Love Making for Losers! (Strap-On) fetish clips I am your Goddess. you are My pet. you worship & adore each and every thing I say & do. Most especially, you love My milk chocolate strap-on! This is as close as you are going to get to love making, being that you are such a loser and all. Enjoy the hard ass fucking, My laughing at you and most of all, the countdown at the end. Yes! That’s right loser, I am going to let you cum.

I Really Love Pantyhose fetish clips This video started off as something totally different. But when I saw My legs, feet, heels & sexy pantyhose, I couldn’t resist Myself! Try as you might, you can’t either! I am the Goddess of your dreams & you are My pet being forced to watch. I smoke as I rub Myself through pantyhose. you watch & listen helplessly from the floor. A rare treat, hearing Me moan, giggle & occasionally offer a few humiliating words.

I Want More fetish clips Financial Domination At Its Best! Custom Clip Request: “i would like to send you an envelope of cash. Please use it to make a clip where you mention my hard earned cash, how you deserve it all, how i am a loser for you. If you would please, use your cleavage to make me weak and tease me. i would like this very much.”

Red Heel Wank fetish clips Listen to My smooth, sexy voice as I guide you to jerk over My red hot heels! Watch as I slowly cross & uncross My long muscular legs, My hands move up & down the length of them. I tease you, giggle, allow you to blow your load & lick it up!

My First Giantess Clip! Mad Scientist! fetish clips Silly scientist thought he would make the Lady Giant of his dreams. he thought I would carry him in My bra, My panties, My pussy. I was kind to him for a bit but he became a demanding little prick. I made him pay for acting like a fool!

Vintage Stocking Leg & Foot Worship fetish clips My sexy, long legs wrapped in beautiful full fashioned vintage stockings for you to worship.

Taboo Clip: Caught in My Clothes fetish clips In full vintage clothing; panty girdle, stocking, heels, dress. I give you the strict talking to you deserve after being caught in My stockings! you as a sick little pervert. I should have saw the signs sooner! Taboo fetish

Worship My Royal Ass fetish clips Pantyhose, stockings, latex & My killer body! Watch My bubble butt sway, shiny in pantyhose, My perfect legs wrapped in full fashioned stocking AND pantyhose, My hourglass figure in curve hugging latex!

Fucking HOT Latex, Gloves, Smoking & Breast Worship fetish clips Just that! A fucking hot clip of Me in custom made, purple metallic latex! Lots of Pjur Cult, Long Skinny Capri’s, Latex Dress, Latex Gloves & My Milky White Skin! Latex/Fetish Clothing/Smoking/Glove Fetish/Lipstick Fetish/Wet Look

Bare Toenails fetish clips My perfectly formed sexy little toes & feet in flip flops & bare, wrinkly soles, toe spreads & curls! Be My foot pig. Worship them. Lick My soles & dirty flip flips.

Beautiful Long Hair fetish clips Watch as I brush, fluff, toss & twirl My long, natural hair. I’m wearing just a bra & jeans in this clip. I do move around a bit so that you can see how long My hair is from behind. This is My first hair fetish clip, I would like to do more in the future.

Home Wrecker! fetish clips I am a total home wrecker. I am going to take it all. The sick, sad truth is: you LOVE it! The idea of Me bleeding you dry, taking you for every penny, makes your dick hard. Hahaha! What a loser! Buy this clip, watch it, jerk it, send Me all your $$$. It’s just that easy.

Be the Fly fetish clips Be the fly on My foot, that is. Look very closely. Do you see yourself there, on My pretty size 6.5 foot? Tiny little fruit fly crawling on My wrinkly sole. That is you! How lucky you are to roam around such sexy, perfect peds! They must be a smelly for this fly to be interested in crawling all over them! Lots of flexing, spreading & curling in this clip. I flip you off after ignoring you for the entire clip!

So Close fetish clips Watch as I lay on the floor, listening to records, smoking a Capri 120. I sing along to the record a bit & *gasp* I even talk to you, just a little. I am wearing jeans & a t shirt (no bra), My bare feet move behind Me so that you can see My wrinkled soles, My long soft hair in down. This is such an intimate & personal moment. Unlike any other clip I have made. There is a voyeuristic quality to this clip.

Restaurant Humiliation Assignment fetish clips you losers just LOVE a humiliation assignment. I think you like them even more when the humiliation is public! This one is extra super fun because My smokin’ hot boyfriend & I came up with it together! We love to humiliate losers like you.

Pink Cigarettes fetish clips Smoking hot clip of Me in a beautiful black lace & silk slip. Lots of close ups, drags, little puffs, snap inhale & more!

The Time is Now fetish clips I know you love My foot worship clips! Here is another for you to add to your collection. My beautiful, perfectly formed feet; high arches, sexy toes, pink soles. Watch as they move right in front of your face. Listen as I instruct you.

Smoking Capri’s & Soaking Up the Sun fetish clips I have smoked off and on for years. I’ve recently rediscovered My love for smoking. In this clip watch as I enjoy long thin on so sexy Capri cigarettes outdoors. Watch My perfectly painted lips exhale & inhale the milky white smoke. Listen as I chat briefly with a friend about My fetishes & yours. I am the superior Goddess of your dreams. Collect My clips, worship from afar, tribute & session often. Work for Me.

What is it?! fetish clips This one is different than what you have seen before. A new verbal humiliation video just for you! I bring a little light to you dark world. Joi, (forced) masturbation instruction, humiliation, cum eating, penis humiliation, sph, cum eating all the abuse humiliation you dream of. Watch as My beautiful black eyes take on a bright shade of green. My shiny teak rose lips mock you, tease you, remind you of your place. My creamy white cleavage serves as a reminder of how inadequate you are.

Client Review of “What is it?!” “It is really intense- Your so very beautiful face, mocking demeanor and merciless words- and Your lilting voice, have an archetypal effect- because in every school boy’s memory is an older girl that we craved a second’s worth of attention from- she was beautiful and haughty like You, and we felt weak when we found ourselves near her in the hall or on the playground. She knew her effect on boys. Our transparent attempts to foster her attention were not met with welcome, as we at first had naively hoped.. So with dashed hopes, we chose to instead seek her scorn which was readily supplied. Many a budding masochist and secret submissive was born that way. I’m a mature alpha male, an accomplished man who has enjoyed the love of many beautiful women, but the femme fatale raised eyebrow, and knowing gaze that perceives my weakness, can still make me lower my eyes and tremble inside. You are that woman in spades!”

Smoking: Devil in the Blue Dress fetish clips I love an occasional smoke. A nice relaxing smoke break. you love watching Me smoke. My soft red lips. My big black eyes. *puff*

Yeah Right! fetish clips This clip is all about My big beautiful ass & how weak you are at the site of it in shiny metallic leggings! I humiliate you for being a pathetic idiot loser! Stare at My hypnotic ass watch it sway, jiggle & bounce. you want to touch it, don’t you? Yeah right! you’ll never fuck it. you’ll never touch it. I fuck real men; something you will never be. 640 x 480

Miss Alice: In Fur fetish clips This clip combines two things I love, Fur & Lipstick! I love silky soft fur. I love the way it feels, the way it looks, the statement it makes, the visual impact. It is divine, just like Me! Watch My pale hands smooth over My Russian Red Fur Stole. Look deep into My black almond shaped eyes. Are you weak for fur? What about lipstick? Watch My sexy lips as they part. Watch as I lick them, as I smile. Watch the cherry red lipstick glide over My lips. See that sex little scar? Feeling weak? $how Me.

Fantastic Stocking Clad Legs HD fetish clips Worship My perfect nylon clad legs! My perfect long legs wrapped in nylon with back seam, reinforced heel & toe. Feel yourself growing more & more weak for Me. Slow hypnotic movement drives you crazy. 1440 x 1080

Pickle Dick fetish clips This one is for all of you little dick losers and humiliation addicts. Are you a cornichon? Yep. you are a tiny little pickle dick loser. That is all you will ever be. 8 min clip. 640 x 480

Money Pile fetish clips My amazing mile long legs & thigh high socks, So Sexy! I see you as you are. I see your weaknesses & exploit them for My benefit. Obsess over My legs, socks & most of all My words. So very true. you cannot resist. I’m going to take it all, make a nice big pile of your cash & park My perfect ass right on top! A pile of your (My) cash under My ass is as close as you are ever going to get! 640 x 480

Happy Happy Turkey Day fetish clips 16+ Minutes- This clip combines lots of different elements; JOI (jerk off instruction), Humiliation, Financial Domination, FemDom POV. Show Me how thankful you are this Holiday season, enjoy JOI My way! 640 x 480

Shameless fetish clips 17+ Minutes- This clip combines two of My favorite thing-My beautiful feet & money! I am the Financial Domme of your dreams. Leaving you ignored, sitting waiting, praying that I will give you some shred of My attention. All the while My sexy little bare feet are in your loser face! you wait patiently on your knees, at My feet as I watch a popular TV show & paint My nails. I acknowledge you as the wallet that you are, paying attention to you just long enough to take your credit cards & charge what I want. Be My money slave. My Financial slave. you love being there with My beautiful feet soooooo close to your face, so turned on, dripping with anticipation. This is your chance! 640 x 480 WMV Format

These Boots fetish clips 13+ Minutes- This is a totally hot thigh high boot worship/boot domination clip. My long curvy legs wrapped in shiny, thigh high, patent leather boots with perfectly pointed toes & cold metal heel tips. Indulge your glove fetish, watch as My hands clad in leather gloves glide over shiny boots. Listen as I taunt & tease you little loser. 640 x 480 WMV format

Ultimate Ass Worship fetish clips 6+ Minutes: The best of the best of My World Class Ass! Drool little puppet.  Worship My ass in jeans, pantyhose, metallic leggins or at its best- NUDE! Lean in close, lick the screen; that’s as close as you are going to get to My ass!  640 x 480

So Much Booty fetish clips Kneel & worship MY beautiful ass! you are My slave. you serve Me. I make you weak. Drool over My perfect ass as it sways in front of you.  Watch, obsess & know you are SO not deserving of My ass.  640 x 480

Devil’s Dumplings fetish clips 9+ Minutes- Slang for Breasts: Devil’s Dumplings! Pure milk white skin. Perfect pinky peachy nipples. Piercings. Long dark hair. Black eyes. My smile. My voice. All the things that you crave. Is there anyone who doesn’t love My breasts? 640 x 480 8+ minutes .wmv

Panty Pervert fetish clips I know you obsess about panties.  Maybe you even wear them yourself (you naughty boy)!  Now, kneel before Me and obsess over each and every pair of My panties. *lick lick* *sniff sniff* you cannot resist.  640 x 480

Loser Foot Pig fetish clips you want to lick them? Sniff them? Touch them? I know you do. Buy this clip.    I am your NEW addiction.

Wank & Pay fetish clips you will do as you are told. Exactly how you are told. When you are told to do it.  Follow the instructions in the clip to the letter.

Loser Ass Worship fetish clips Ass Worship for pathetic losers!

The Sexiest Legs fetish clips Fishnet stockings, long legs, high heels & My smooth voice. Drooling yet? If not, you are sure to be by the end of this clip.

Cut Up fetish clips Watch a recorded session with one of My favorite pantyhose perverts.  Who can resist a Woman with a knife? Watch as I destroy My shiny Falke pantyhose with a great big butcher knife. I love clothing destruction.  This clip is My new favorite.  On your knees, it’s time to worship your Goddess.

Pile Driver fetish clips This is a recorded private session with a sub. My big black strap-on, your face & ass however I want it. Forced bi/sissy humiliation key words. 640 x 480

Worship My Denim fetish clips Worship My perfect ass in skin tight denim!  you love Me. you need Me. Watch, listen and follow Me.

MORE Metallic fetish clips Mini Clip-  Whether you are a new lurker or an established pet, this clip is a MUST HAVE.  I tell you what to do as you stare at My new silver metallic leggings & camel toe!

Metallic Obsession fetish clips Shiny ass and camel toe worship at its best.  I dare you to make it through with out wanking!you weak boys cannot!  you look SO funny on your knees drooling over My ass!

Fetish Ballet Heels fetish clips My amazing long beautiful legs & sexy 7in ballet heels! Drool as I stand in them, as I cross and uncross My legs. They make you SO weak. I make you SO weak.

Armpit Worship fetish clips Bury your nose in My pits! Get your tongue ready to lick them! Taste My sweat? Oh so yummy! 640 x 480

Eat My Ash fetish clips Brand NEW Smoking Fetish Clip! Close up shots, lots of puffs & drags.

Ignore Pantyhose Tease fetish clips Ignored, teased & denied. you kneel at the edge of My bed with My beautiful feet in your face and watch in anticipation as I take care of a few things on My computer. See My perfect b lood red toe nails through sheer black Wolford Fatal Pantyhose.  Will I Acknowledge you? Or will you be denied? Watch & Find Out.

Filthy Feet fetish clips you’ve been waiting to lick My feet clean!  Now you are the bitch on his knees licking every speck of nasty dirty funk from My perfect little feet.  They are filthy from a night spent in My friends new place barefoot, drinking wine & telling ghost stories.  Hear Me talk about the night & command you to lick. Get to work!

Boot Bitch fetish clips you are My bitch. My boot bitch! On the floor, naked, collared, ready to do as you are told. Listed to My firm yet sweet voice as I tell you exactly how to clean My boots. No jerking the first time you watch. Follow My instructions at the end of the clip. If you dare ;-)

Sexy Pantyhose Sacrifice fetish clips Ignored, teased & denied. you kneel at the edge of My bed with My beautiful feet in your face and watch in anticipation as I take care of a few things on My computer. Being a good boy gets you rewarded, you watch as I Sacrifice My silky, sheer black Wolford Fatal Pantyhose. Hear them as the run, rip and tear. See My perfect b lood red toe nails as they come into full view. Listen as I tease you. As I tell you just where I want you.


Pantyhose Obsession! fetish clips 4+ Minutes- This is the clip you don’t want to miss. I am your Mistress clad in shiny pantyhose, lacy bra, lace gloves, silk robe & sky high heels. I love the way I look in just My hose.  Watch as My gloved hands glide over smooth, sheer pantyhose. My robe falls open and you see My silhouette, My beautiful Female form.

Ignore Heel Dangle fetish clips Miss Alice ignores the loser drooling over Her dangling heel…  No music plays in this clip so that you are able to hear My legs rub together, My toes sliding in and out of My shoe and most importantly the much anticipated drop of My heel.

Sadist in Stripper Heels! fetish clips 9+ Minutes: The very first clip made with My NEW HD cam! It is so crystal clear! you are submissive to My perfect feet. you drool, like & suck My tiny feet & sky high stripper heels!

Ballet Tease fetish clips Teaser Clip: Worship My Ballet Body! A little clip of Me in ballet shoes, pantyhose, leotard, leg warmers and a little ballet skirt!  Watch Me stretch and tempt you!

Givenchy Gleamers Pantyhose & Bare Ass Worship fetish clips A rare, up close opportunity to worship My big beautiful ass!  Watch as I slowly peel back My Le Creme pantyhose. boys are sure to drool!

Fishnet Tease & Tear! fetish clips Teasing you with My fishnet clad toes & destroying My Wolford fishnets!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Watching My beautiful legs & feet come into full view as the fishnet tears away! Yum! A longer clip than the others I have made.  More time to worship & obsess!

Heel & Feet CBT fetish clips your cock & balls suffer being crushed and kicked by My pretty little spectator heels & pantyhose wrapped feet!

Worship My Wolford fetish clips Pantyhose perverts rejoice!  Worship the sheer perfection of Wolford Fatal!  Nudity through sheer to waist pantyhose.

Strap On: Sucky Fucky My Way! fetish clips That’s right cocksucks! your dream come true; a chance to swallow that big dick of Mine.  Watch My little hand stroke My big thick meat!

Ultimate Latex Worship!! fetish clips Little loser you drooling as you obsess over Me wrapped in shiny latex! Watch Me as I shine My latex gloves. I even allow you to worship My ass with a full view of My garter and stocking!

Boot Worship & Humiliation fetish clips FemDomme POV, you ARE the loser on the floor licking My boots clean but you fuck up even the simplest things! you WILL pay for your mistake!

Stockings! Stockings! Stockings! fetish clips 9+ Minutes: Lucky you! Watch as I model My vintage stockings! See My sweet pink soles! So hot! So tempting! Enjoy this clip in .wmv format!  

Shiny Falke & Little Bare Foot Worship fetish clips Beautiful shiny Falke, red heels, a peek of leopard… Lots of wrinkled soles and spread toes! Best of all? Bare feet to lick, sniff and rub! Divine!

Goddess Worship: Metallic Leggings fetish clips This clips is HOT! Making it was a turn on!  Seeing My leg muscles in shiny, tight leggings… So yummy! Enjoy this clip in .wmv format.

Peppermint Crush! fetish clips 7+ Minutes: Happy Holidays from Miss Alice & Her sweet feet!  A sneak peek at My little feet crushing Peppermint Truffles in My red metallic leggings! Bare feet & black patent leather heels with metal tips! Sooooo HOT! Enjoy this clip in .wmv format.

Perfect Oiled Feet! fetish clips 8 + Minutes My sexy oiled feet & teal metallic leggings! Submit to My feet.  I know you can’t resist! wmv format!

Breast Worship & Hypnosis! fetish clips 8+ Minutes: Here it is! The clip you have been waiting for.  Listen to My voice, watch Me and feel yourself slip further into submission for Me!  Enjoy this clip in .wmv format.

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