Vacation Videos

A treat for you, peek into My personal life by adding these two videos to your collection:

Watch as I take long drags from My super sexy, all white Capri. I am loving every minute of vacation, especially seeing clip sales & tribs. A sneak peek at My private life. Rare indeed

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 My perfectly sexy little feet & tapered toes, the sunshine, the open road. Be a fly in the car for My latest road trip. Watch as My feet & toes curl & flex in the sunshine, listen to Mister Wonderful & I crack jokes, I sing along with My iPod, Watch, worship & drool as We enjoy the open road.

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A quick update from your Goddess

It has been months since My last real update, 3 to be exact. I have been busy, living life, having fun, traveling.  Although I haven’t made time to blog, I have been available for cam sessions. When I have been around, business has been good but you know Me, I always want more :-) I expect the regular tributes I receive from you boys. Because you sacrifice your cash, cum & time for Me I am able to live a relatively care free, comfortable life.

I have such a long list of video ideas, assignment ideas, mp3 ideas and about a million other things I want to accomplish, literally years worth.  I work on the list as time allows. Of course I have a personal life, a job, art, friends- the list goes on & on.  The more you sacrifice for Me, the less time I spend taking cam sessions & the more time I devote to the list! The list is full of fun things for you to collect, obsess & wank over.  So fun! These videos, assignments & mp3’s are meant to keep those idle hands of yours busy working for Me.

A treat for you, some vacation photos:


Happy 2012!

So, it’s the New Year & W/we are all still here! lol.

Personally, I like the new beginning & the prospect of all things to come. Specifically the number of new submissives/slaves that it will inevitably bring My way.  Many of those who have been lurking will finally find inspiration to come into the light, to step up and impress Me with their need to earn My attention.

As I sit here now, watching Carnival, wearing this vintage slip, with delivery on its way & My bill fold full of cash I am thankful and also excited at what the coming year holds for those that currently serve Me.

Jasmine has been working SO hard to stand out.  I couldn’t be happier with her effort & progress. O/our relationship is a deep connection. Since she found M, Jasmine  has lavished Me with gifts (several vintage slips, heels, DVD’s, loads of stuff from Urban Outfitters, a kick ass Swatch, Vinyl, make-up & I am sure there is other stuff I left off).  Of course she also sends $$$ for session payment & just because.  she expects nothing but in return received guidance, acceptance, Someone to listen & most of all understanding.

I am not One who believes that all submissives/slaves need to be/will benefit from being ridiculed, humiliated, verbally chastised & treated like shit in general.  I know that My gentle but strict style is exactly what some boys need.

I often ask My pets/subs/slaves if they have any “questions, comments or concerns for Me”.  I think this is some of My corporate America lingering. lol. I ask this because an open line of communication is just important now as is was back in the land of skirt suits & knee high 6 in boots. ;-) That is an entirely different blog post for another day. Recently, W/we (Jasmine & I) discussed the the possibility of her making a full m/F transformation. Of course this would be far off in the future but exciting none the less.  she also mentioned that she does not like the negative undertones of the term “sissy”.  I have given much thought to this.  I have decided that Jasmine will no longer be sissy; she will now be “pet”.  Of course if she slips up, I will call her by this sissy name that makes her cringe, I will make her write line after line of her “sissy name”, I may even make her sing a little sissy song for youtube, probably all three and anything else My sick mind comes up with.

New Clips!

This one is for all of you little dick losers. Are you a cornichon? Yep. you are a tiny little pickle dick loser. That is all you will ever be.

Pickle Dick!

Worship My perfect nylon clad legs! My perfect long legs wrapped in nylon with back seam, reinforced heel & toe. Feel yourself growing more & more weak for Me. Slow hypnotic movement drives you crazy.

Fantastic Stocking Clad Legs!

Building an Empire.

Updated My website, loaded clips to NiteFlirt; today was busy to say the least. Now, I am having a glass of wine with My wonderful man.

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The easiest way to control you is to use your wallet. Money is a powerful thing. The one who holds the cash has the power. This is why I prefer Financial Domination; not because it is the flavor of the month. Being Dominant is not new to Me. I have been a demanding Female as long as I can remember. I have been active in online Domination for 2+ years.

I truly have a passion for what I do. I love My work. How many of you can say that?
Perhaps it is time you come to work for Me.

Southern Decadence 2011

Red Heels

If you are or long to be out and proud then chances are you have at least heard of the Southern Decadence Festival. The party that started in 1972 has grown from a group of friends dressing up as their favorite decadent southern characters, parading and partying until the wee hours of Labor Day morning has gromn into a spectacular event that draws some 110,000 people, mostly gay and lesbian, and contributes almost $125 million dollars to the tourist industry.

I am sure most of you have heard of Tropical Depression 13 by now. I am sitting here in My big beautiful New Orleans home listening to it pour outside with a glass of malbec in My pretty little hand. ;-) In My opinion the Tropical Depression is both good and bad. On the up side that “unreachable” marsh fire that has been buring for days, leaving a nasty funk in the air, is no longer an issue. The downside, this weekend is Southern Decadence. I have been in the Quarter, people watching a few times this weekend and the crowd is not what I had expected. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I support gay and lesbian rights. I do not consider Myself bi-sexual though I have been in a few relationships, long term committed relationships not flings, with Women. I would like to make it out to some of the drag shows this weekend, any excuse to dress like a drag queen is good enough for Me. This rain needs to go away long enough that W/we can all get out and enjoy this party! *shakes fist at sky*

I love being here in New Orleans. So much so that when I am away for more than a few weeks I get so terribly home sick that I know I am no fun to be around. I am in love with the music, the sunshine, the people, the food, the culture. I feel an undertow when I leave. It is like the city is calling to Me, beckoning Me to come home. Home it is and home it shall be.

This post is different than the others.  Enjoy this rare glimpse into My life.

But remember, you must make yourself useful.  you must earn My attention.  The only way to do so is to spend.  Go to NiteFlirt, tribute, purchase My Slave application and beg Me to rape your wallet.  Beg Me to take it all.  All your cash, pervert. your dick has no worth here.  I want regular tributes; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly scheduled tributes.  Just filling out the application with your good intentions and wanna be BS talk is not enough. I want action.

Perfect Weekend

Another perfect weekend filled with friends, art, wine & great food.  Back to business as usual.  Although, My “usual” is different than most, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Using and abusing silly little boys like you for My amusement and financial gain, pleases Me.  My fabulous life as paid for by you! Ha!  I spend very little time online nowadays.  I expect you to make deposits to My account regularly.  Nothing pleases Me more than seeing an inbox full of your hard earned ca$h.  I suggest that if you are interested in session with Me, you take the time to schedule in advance by messaging Me on NiteFlirt.  My time is far to valuable to spend in “free chat” waiting for you bitches to man up and spend.  I will be available in “free chat” rooms when I please and ONLY if I am amused, entertained and most of all making $$$. Those who are too scared or nervous to have session with Me, should worship from afar; purchase clips, and send tributes.  I know that you want and need to serve Me.  Prove it. Talk is cheap.

I plan to lower My NiteFlirt rates for a bit today, be ready.  The only way to stand out from the crowd is to read and follow My instructions.

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