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2 New Smokin’ Hot Clip Store Updates!

Weak for Pantyhose:  I am your FemDomme Queen. you are a male so weak for Me in pantyhose that you are reduced to mush when I appear on your screen.  Watch My long porcelain legs & perfect feet as they move hypnotically in front of you.  I tease you for being so weak, so easy. Mine are the sexiest pantyhose clad legs, feet & ass. 6+ Minutes .wmv

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Petal Soft: Foot & Leg Worship:  I am the Perfect Painted Pin-up of your dreams in this Sensual Domination clip.  My lover bought Me beautiful red roses. The petals are soft, smooth & cool to the touch. My bright red finger & toe nails match the petals perfectly. I rub the velvety petals over My legs & perfect size 6 1/2 feet.  I pile the petals up and play in them; picking them up with My toes, slid them around the floor, point My toes & show off My very wrinkly pink soles.    4+ Minutes .wmv

fetish clips

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More Updates!

Again, I have totally been slacking when it comes to updates!  This is not all bad as it means I have been busy making NEW clips!

Here is some weekend wank fodder for you!

This is the clip I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week. Watch as I lay on the floor, listening to records, smoking a Capri 120. I sing along to the record a bit & *gasp* I even talk to you, just a little. I am wearing jeans & a t shirt (no bra), My bare feet move behind Me so that you can see My wrinkled soles. This is such an intimate & personal moment. Unlike any other clip I have made. There is a voyeuristic quality to this clip.

So Close

Be the fly on My foot, that is. Look very closely. Do you see yourself there, on My pretty size 6.5 foot? Tiny little fruit fly crawling on My wrinkly sole. That is you! How lucky you are to roam around such sexy, perfect peds! They must be a smelly for this fly to be interested in crawling all over them! Lots of flexing, spreading & curling in this clip. I flip you off after ignoring you for the entire clip!

Be the Fly

I am a total home wrecker. I am going to take it all. The sick, sad truth is: you LOVE it! The idea of Me b leeding you dry makes your dick hard. Hahaha! What a loser! Buy this clip, watch it, jerk it, send Me all your $$$. It’s just that easy.

Home Wrecker

That’s all for now! I’ve got work to do. I want to see you sending tributes & collecting clips!

New Clips!

This one is for all of you little dick losers. Are you a cornichon? Yep. you are a tiny little pickle dick loser. That is all you will ever be.

Pickle Dick!

Worship My perfect nylon clad legs! My perfect long legs wrapped in nylon with back seam, reinforced heel & toe. Feel yourself growing more & more weak for Me. Slow hypnotic movement drives you crazy.

Fantastic Stocking Clad Legs!


All the things you love SO much; Financial Domination, fetishwear, glove fetish, fireplay & latexfetish! Indulge your glove fetish, watch My hands wrapped in shiny latex gloves SO close to your face as I layer on more and more shine. Indulge your fetish for fireplay, I light the match and let it burn down to My fingertips. A nice slow burn. There are few things as dangerous as fire. Financial Domination is the fire of fetishes. Dangerous, Exciting, Sexy. This clip will leave you weak. you are ready to give it all to Me. 640 x 480   

My Moth!
I love to sissify the occasional male.  Recently I added a new little sissy boi to My stable.  Thus far he has been a VERY willing participant.  Forced Femme can be fun but there is something to seeing a grown male getting excited over the arrival of his new make-up.  I am not only pleased with his progress, albeit early in the game, I am quite pleased with the gifts & tributes little Jasmine has lavished upon Me. :-) I am looking forward to a BUNCH of Urban Outfitters goodies & a cash delivery this weekend. Oh & I am really looking forward to O/our session this weekend; There will be champagne, strawberries & a make-up lesson given by Yours truely.  I plan to record the make-up application session for Jasmine to review later. I will probably list it for sale in My studio stores as well.  I will also be showing little Jasmine just how practice makes perfect with her dildo. ;-)

NEW Clips!

This is a totally hot thigh high boot worship/boot domination clip. My long curvy legs wrapped in shiny, thigh high, patent leather boots with perfectly pointed toes & cold metal heel tips.  Indulge your glove fetish, watch as My hands clad in leather gloves glide over shiny boots. Listen as I taunt & tease you little loser.

These Boots

This clip combines two of My favorite thing-My beautiful feet & money!  I am the Financial Domme of your dreams. Leaving you ignored, sitting waiting, praying that I will give you some shred of My attention. All the while My sexy little bare feet are in your loser face! you wait patiently on your knees, at My feet as I watch a popular TV show & paint My nails.  I acknowledge you as the wallet that you are, paying attention to you just long enough to take your credit cards & charge what I want. Be My money slave. My Financial slave. you love being there with My beautiful feet soooooo close to your face, so turned on, dripping with anticipation. This is your chance!


Building an Empire.

Updated My website, loaded clips to NiteFlirt; today was busy to say the least. Now, I am having a glass of wine with My wonderful man.

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The easiest way to control you is to use your wallet. Money is a powerful thing. The one who holds the cash has the power. This is why I prefer Financial Domination; not because it is the flavor of the month. Being Dominant is not new to Me. I have been a demanding Female as long as I can remember. I have been active in online Domination for 2+ years.

I truly have a passion for what I do. I love My work. How many of you can say that?
Perhaps it is time you come to work for Me.