Sexy Pantyhose Layering Tease!

Pantyhose Layering Tease fetish clips

I’m back! It has been ages since I made a new clip. I was feeling inspired after a session with a fellow pantyhose fetishist and decided to make this clip. Watch as I layer Givenchy Gleamers & blach Wolford Fatal over My Calvin Klein hose. Listen to My voice as I describe the feel of layered hose. I tease you with My legs, heels & perfect feet. This is a leg, foot and pantyhose fetishist dream.  I was in a really playful mood when I filmed this clip. 720p wmv format

Sexy Nerdy Public Smoke

Sexy Nerdy Public Smoke

fetish clips

Watch Me smoke. New glasses, new house & little ol’ you, My human ashtray. Enjoy lots of eye contact, My dark eyes, listen to My sweet voice, the birds in My neighborhood & My perfect cleavage. Do you think My neighbors can see you? Hear you begging for My smoke & ash? I am sure they can. 1440 x 1080

Brat Girl Fetish?

Whoever said “there are no stupid questions” obviously never moonlighted as a ProDomme!  you boys ask the stupidest questions! What would I do with/to your dick? Pft! That measly thing? This clip is devoted to a list of humiliating, gross & painful things I would do to/with your dick. Oh, I shouldn’t have to mention how fucking HOT I look in the clip but what the hell: I look fantastic! Bright blue dress, PERFECT skin, My signature red lips all in perfect lighting.

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I look so hot blowing smoke from My Capri 120 in your face, teasing you with My long ash. There you are, waiting like the good little object that you are, for Me to allow you to inhale My thick, white smoke. My perfect pale skin, big black eyes & sexy red pout keep you coming back for more.

fetish clips

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New Fetish Videos

2 New Smokin’ Hot Clip Store Updates!

Weak for Pantyhose:  I am your FemDomme Queen. you are a male so weak for Me in pantyhose that you are reduced to mush when I appear on your screen.  Watch My long porcelain legs & perfect feet as they move hypnotically in front of you.  I tease you for being so weak, so easy. Mine are the sexiest pantyhose clad legs, feet & ass. 6+ Minutes .wmv

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Petal Soft: Foot & Leg Worship:  I am the Perfect Painted Pin-up of your dreams in this Sensual Domination clip.  My lover bought Me beautiful red roses. The petals are soft, smooth & cool to the touch. My bright red finger & toe nails match the petals perfectly. I rub the velvety petals over My legs & perfect size 6 1/2 feet.  I pile the petals up and play in them; picking them up with My toes, slid them around the floor, point My toes & show off My very wrinkly pink soles.    4+ Minutes .wmv

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NEW! Sexy Pantyhose Destruction!

I have a serious pantyhose fetish. I love all things pantyhose; the smooth feeling under My hand, the shine, the way they smell fresh from the package… even more, the way they smell after wearing them for days at a time! I have been wearing this pair of Falke pantyhose once a week or so for months now. I sat on My foot, the buckle caught & a small run stated. :-( Sad as I was to see My pantyhose meet the end of the road. I was more excited to tear into them. One lucky boy was able to see it happen live during his leg & pantyhose fetish webcam show. Now you are lucky to be able to watch the recorded version again & again!   

Sexy Pantyhose Destruction!


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NEW Humiliation Clip!

This clip is all about My big beautiful ass & how weak you are at the site of it in shiny metallic leggings! I humiliate you for being a pathetic idiot loser! Stare at My hypnotic ass watch it sway, jiggle & bounce. you want to touch it, don’t you? Yeah right! you’ll never fuck it. you’ll never touch it. I fuck real men; something you will never be.

Yeah Right!

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New Clips!

This one is for all of you little dick losers. Are you a cornichon? Yep. you are a tiny little pickle dick loser. That is all you will ever be.

Pickle Dick!

Worship My perfect nylon clad legs! My perfect long legs wrapped in nylon with back seam, reinforced heel & toe. Feel yourself growing more & more weak for Me. Slow hypnotic movement drives you crazy.

Fantastic Stocking Clad Legs!

Clip Update!

My amazing mile long legs & knee high socks, So Sexy! I see you as you are. I see your weaknesses & exploit them for My benefit. Obsess over My legs, socks & most of all My words. So very true. you cannot resist. I’m going to take it all, make a nice big pile of your cash & park My perfect ass right on top! A pile of your (My) cash under My ass is as close as you are ever going to get! 640 x 480

Money Pile!


All the things you love SO much; Financial Domination, fetishwear, glove fetish, fireplay & latexfetish! Indulge your glove fetish, watch My hands wrapped in shiny latex gloves SO close to your face as I layer on more and more shine. Indulge your fetish for fireplay, I light the match and let it burn down to My fingertips. A nice slow burn. There are few things as dangerous as fire. Financial Domination is the fire of fetishes. Dangerous, Exciting, Sexy. This clip will leave you weak. you are ready to give it all to Me. 640 x 480   

My Moth!
I love to sissify the occasional male.  Recently I added a new little sissy boi to My stable.  Thus far he has been a VERY willing participant.  Forced Femme can be fun but there is something to seeing a grown male getting excited over the arrival of his new make-up.  I am not only pleased with his progress, albeit early in the game, I am quite pleased with the gifts & tributes little Jasmine has lavished upon Me. :-) I am looking forward to a BUNCH of Urban Outfitters goodies & a cash delivery this weekend. Oh & I am really looking forward to O/our session this weekend; There will be champagne, strawberries & a make-up lesson given by Yours truely.  I plan to record the make-up application session for Jasmine to review later. I will probably list it for sale in My studio stores as well.  I will also be showing little Jasmine just how practice makes perfect with her dildo. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving! NEW Jack Off Instruction Clip!

I am SO thankful for My pets who work each and every day to please Me. I’ve decided to reward you with a jack off instruction clip! you lucky little cheese puffs!

16+ Minutes- This clip combines lots of different elements; JOI jack off instruction, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FemDom POV. Show Me how thankful you are this Holiday season, enjoy JOI My way!


Happy Happy Turkey Day!