Brat Girl Fetish?

Whoever said “there are no stupid questions” obviously never moonlighted as a ProDomme!  you boys ask the stupidest questions! What would I do with/to your dick? Pft! That measly thing? This clip is devoted to a list of humiliating, gross & painful things I would do to/with your dick. Oh, I shouldn’t have to mention how fucking HOT I look in the clip but what the hell: I look fantastic! Bright blue dress, PERFECT skin, My signature red lips all in perfect lighting.

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I look so hot blowing smoke from My Capri 120 in your face, teasing you with My long ash. There you are, waiting like the good little object that you are, for Me to allow you to inhale My thick, white smoke. My perfect pale skin, big black eyes & sexy red pout keep you coming back for more.

fetish clips

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