Mistress Alice: Ignore & Edge

Ignore & Edge fetish clips

Oh hi there. Did you miss Me? Worship My soft, slippery Vaseline coated feet, My perfect tapered toes. I ignore you a bit, sliding My perfect little feet together. you are My weak foot boy. I speak to you more as the video goes on; putting thoughts of sliding your cock between My feet in your weak foot boy mind. I instruct you to edge and finally provide you with release.

Sexy Pantyhose Layering Tease!

Pantyhose Layering Tease fetish clips

I’m back! It has been ages since I made a new clip. I was feeling inspired after a session with a fellow pantyhose fetishist and decided to make this clip. Watch as I layer Givenchy Gleamers & blach Wolford Fatal over My Calvin Klein hose. Listen to My voice as I describe the feel of layered hose. I tease you with My legs, heels & perfect feet. This is a leg, foot and pantyhose fetishist dream.  I was in a really playful mood when I filmed this clip. 720p wmv format

Holy Crap!

It has been a VERY long time since My last blog entry. I am sure some of you wonder where I have been.  I’ve been busy with life. I’ve moved to a new house, done some traveling & made a fair bit of art in the time I have been away.  The good news is, I am BACK! 

In 2014 I plan to get back to blogging regularly & making new fetish clips. That’s good news, right?!  My NiteFlirt broadcast schedule changes daily but I have been available Monday-Friday from 9:00 PM CT until I get bored.  As always, you can message Me on Skype if you do not see My lines live on NiteFlirt. If I am not busy working on something else, I will make Myself available for session.  So, if you see Me, ask. you might just get lucky. ;-)

I have been out of the clip making game for some time now. I have a list of ideas in progress now but I invite you to send Me ideas.  If you get too specific with your ideas, I will be charging you for a custom clip. Haha! Basic ideas, outfits you would like to see, that’s the sort of thing I am looking for.

As soon as I post this I will be getting ready to log into NiteFlirt for a couple hours. Catch Me while you can!

Sexy Nerdy Public Smoke

Sexy Nerdy Public Smoke

fetish clips

Watch Me smoke. New glasses, new house & little ol’ you, My human ashtray. Enjoy lots of eye contact, My dark eyes, listen to My sweet voice, the birds in My neighborhood & My perfect cleavage. Do you think My neighbors can see you? Hear you begging for My smoke & ash? I am sure they can. 1440 x 1080

Happy Anniversary Jasmine

My how time flies. It was just over a year ago that I first posted about Jasmine.  Remember this?

How could one forget? This was her very first attempt at make-up.  After 12 months of perfect online servitude, she has REALLY come a long way.  I speak not of just appearance, I speak of the mental transformation as well.  she has embraced My guidance, experience and advice.  Ready to see the new improved Jasmine?

Ta Dah! Much better, if I do say so Myself. Since Jasmine has been such a good little girl for 12 whole months, she has earned the privilege of meeting Me in person. W/we have yet to decide if I will travel to see her or if she will come here to see Me. Stay tuned for that :-)

Three & One Half Inches SPH

Verbally humiliating you. Mocking you. your marriage. your dick. Is that a dick? Using My magnifying glass to get a good look at that three & one half inch thing.  Funny, 3 and 1/2 inches is about that size of a credit card; the only thing in your pants I find interesting.

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Vacation Videos

A treat for you, peek into My personal life by adding these two videos to your collection:

Watch as I take long drags from My super sexy, all white Capri. I am loving every minute of vacation, especially seeing clip sales & tribs. A sneak peek at My private life. Rare indeed

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 My perfectly sexy little feet & tapered toes, the sunshine, the open road. Be a fly in the car for My latest road trip. Watch as My feet & toes curl & flex in the sunshine, listen to Mister Wonderful & I crack jokes, I sing along with My iPod, Watch, worship & drool as We enjoy the open road.

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Hypnotic Candy Apple Red Lips

By request, a lipstick fetish clip where I do NOT smoke. :-) So silky, so shiny, so red. My perfect pin-up pout slicked in My signature red lipstick & lip venom gloss. Watch as I slick on coat after coat. I lick My lips, pucker & pout while you watch. Beautiful natural light, My perfect pale skin, cleavage and sparkly pink finger nail polish. I love making these. Just added MORE lipstick to My wish list ;-) Client Review: “The video of You applying b lood red, glistening lipstick to Your gorgeous mouth is and enthralling! Female vampire fetishists, beware!”

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